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Coal miner’s children on way to get groceries.

Sept 1938 – “Coal miner’s children on way to get groceries. All these wires are alive, carrying from 250 to 530 volts. People and children are often knocked down, sometimes killed. This is the main and only thoroughgare to company store and school, from their homes (in background). The “Patch,” Chaplin, West Virginia” : Marion Post Wolcott photographer ~ US Farm Security Admin. #minerslife #minerskids #Appalachia

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Company Store Scrip

Until the late 1950’s, when changes in federal and state laws, along with changing economic realities doomed the practice, many companies issued tokens, or scrip, for use by their employees in company run stores. This was especially widespread in the coal fields of Appalachia, where many miners also lived in company owned towns. In these company towns, or “coal camps,” the only store in town was usually owned or run on behalf of the coal company.

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