Artist Performing February 24th, 2014

location – WVSU – EDC
1506 Kanawha Boulevard West
Charleston, WV 25387

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Christopher was born Virginian, and eventually converted to a born again West Virginian.  He started playing guitar at the age of 16, when he thought that the guitar was in tune if all of the tuning keys lined up with each other.  He still doesn’t know how to read or write music and composes most of the pieces with his mouth, shouting and whistling. Contrary to popular belief, Christopher does not actually have wings.  What he does have though is an incredible set of pipes.  He belts louder than a dinosaur and can sing baritone to falsetto.  The reason for this is because until the age of 23, he thought that a vocal harmony was the same note both an octave higher and an octave lower, resulting in his vast range we’ve all come to admire. Christopher is also self taught on guitar and piano.  The character resonates in his style, and you can hear through his $125 instrument the hours that he has spent making love with music. As for his personality, well, it grows on you.